Valery Karpin is invited to KDK meeting after words about "moron". Disqualification to 4 matches] can threaten the trainer of "Rostov\
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Valery Karpin is invited to meeting of KDK FUR. Let's remind, "Rostov" conceded to TSSKA (0:2) in an away match of the 17th round Soccer championship of Russia "WORLD Russian Premier league". Game took place in conditions of a heavy snowfall. It was reported that the decision on carrying out a match was made by judge Raphael Shafeev while RPL was ready to postpone game to Monday. After a match Valery Karpin on air sport TV channel "Match TV" sharply scarified the decision to play a match, despite deterioration of weather conditions: "What moron made the decision to play, what idiot? They do to Che? Soccer kill? And so to Russian Federation soccer not especially, to put it mildly". "TSSKA – "Rostov" – Melekhin's removal for...
Valery Karpin
Last position: Head coach (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FC "ROSTOV")
Arthur Grigoryants
Last position: Chairman of Control and disciplinary committee (FUR)
Main activity:Culture and sports