Igor Nikolaevich Dodon urged to hold early presidential elections to Moldova

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Kishinev, 1 Dec - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". The ex-president Moldova, the leader of opposition party of socialists Igor Nikolaevich Dodon considers that the present power is illegitimate therefore it is necessary to achieve early presidential and parliamentary elections. Earlier Igor Nikolaevich Dodon declared that socialists will protest in the Constitutional court changes in the electoral code which concern carrying out presidential election as the mandate of the head of the republic illegally lasts for some months. Before the document provided that elections have to take place at least in 30 days prior to end of the mandate of the previous president, that the new head...
Igor Nikolaevich Dodon
Last position: Chairman (Party of socialists Moldova)
Maia Sandu
Last position: President of the Republic of Moldova (President Moldova)
"Solidarity and Action"
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