Presidents of Brazil and Colombia commented on a victory Miley Javier on elections in Argentina

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Brazil will continue to cooperate with Argentina after a victory at an election of the president of the country of Javier Miley leading Libertarian party Miley Javier, opposing joining of the country to BRICS, Colombia considers its victory sad for Latin America. It was declared by presidents of two countries on the pages in a social network X. "The democracy — is the voice of the people, and it always should be respected. I wish good luck and progress to the new government. Argentina — the great country also deserves all our respect. Brazil will be always ready to cooperate with our Argentina partners" — wrote Brazilian...
Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva
Last position: Elected president of Brazil (President of Federal Republic Brazil)
Gustavo Fransisko Petro Urrego
Last position: President (President of Republic Colombia)
Miley Javier