The man bitten by dogs, found at Kitoysky Bridge in the Usolsky area

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Physicians tried to rescue it, but he died in hospital the Man whom the pack of dogs attacked, found on November 17 near Kitoysky Bridge in the Usolsky area. On his body found a set of stings. The victim took to hospital, however physicians could not help it, he died. The mayor of the Usolsky area Vitaly Ivanovich Matyukha. — I received information on this incident this morning from Uniform dispatching service of the Usolsky area. Investigative actions and examination are now carried out — reported Vitaly Ivanovich Matyukha. Also employees of the regional were connected to a situation...
Igor Ivanovich Kobzev
Last position: Governor of the Irkutsk region
Sergei Serebrennikov
Last position: Mayor (Administration of the municipal entity Bratsk city)
Vladimir Burmatov
Main activity:Politician
Vitaly Ivanovich Matyukha
Last position: Mayor (Administration of municipal district Usolsky district municipal unit)
Eugenie Yumashev
Last position: Mayor (Administration of the Bodaybo city and area )