As children of the most beautiful women of the world] loo

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Some people consider that exclusively attractive persons, such as supermodels, beauty queens iligollivudsky actresses, do not give the lines to children. However we have evident certificates of that it not so. And though not all these children in accuracy are similar to the beautiful mothers, it is impossible to deny that they inherited their special and unique charm. Klum Khaydi and her daughter Lou Samuel Sophia Margaret Vergara Vergara and her son Gonsales Manolo Sophia Margaret Vergara Vergara Vanessa Shantal Paradi and her daughter Lili-Rouz Melodi Depp Catherine Anne Moss and her daughter Lila Catherine Anne Moss Byundkhen Gisele and her daughter Vivian Leyk Brady Lim Adrian and her daughter Valentine and...
Vanessa Paradis
Last position: Actress, singer, model
Kayya Jordane Gerber
Last position: Model, actress