The known Frenchman arrived to Novosibirsk — that he told about the city

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Still slightly and video will be loaded That Clément Nonsie told about Siberia, work to Russian Federation and NOVATE you can listen in our video of Video: Digaev Anton the Known conductor from France acted in Novosibirsk — Clément Nonsie arrived to the city at the end of October and was surprised to quantity of snow. — The first time in Novosibirsk, in Siberia. Here a winter — enthusiastically Clément shared impressions. In NOVATE it conducted in the ballet "Nutcracker" and at gala concert Gariffulina's Gariffulina Aida. We talked to the conductor and wrote down his impressions about Siberia and work to Russian Federation. — Here other atmosphere, than in Moscow. I it too...
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