Anniversary of one of the technical schools oldest in area celebrated to Bodaybo

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Without the only thing and the area of establishment of an average of professional educations long ago it is impossible to present the territory to Bodaybo and began to train miners. In five years the narcomat of the heavy industry liquidated an institution. However in 1938 work of establishment was resumed. And here for 85 years STATE-FINANCED INSTITUTION OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IO "BODAYBINSKY GORNY TEKHNIKUM" prepares professional shots for gold mining Irkutsk Region and all country. Today in institution over 500 students study. In total for years of work 12,5 thousand of various are prepared...
Maxime Aleksandrovich Parfyonov
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Education of the Irkutsk region)
Eugenie Yumashev
Last position: Mayor (Administration of the Bodaybo city and area )
Zavodyanskaya Marina
Botvin Aleksey
Moskvitin Dimitri