Sberstrakhovaniya's gatherings of of life in 2023 will make 261 billion rubles

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Sberstrakhovaniya's gatherings of of life in 2023, according to preliminary forecasts, will grow by 55% and will make 261 billion rubles. The managing director of companies declared insurance markets it Shcheklanov Eugenie at the Forum of leaders . The most part of collecting — 108,5 billion rubles — traditionally is necessary on programs of accumulative insurance to life (NSZh), 87,9 billion rubles — on risk insurance to life. 64,6 billion more rubles — on insurance programs with the investment income on the basis of unit-linked "The Operated Capital". Shcheklanov Eugenie, managing director Sberstrakhovaniya of life: "Transition from ISZh to programs on base...