Games for Warsaw: Poland wants to fight for the Olympic Games against India, Germany and China

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The president Poland is unexpected for many declared that his country will apply for holding 2020 Summer Olympics 2036. Race for the right to become their organizers promises to become intense — among candidates there is United Kingdom, Germany, India, Mexico, is expected emergence of the demand from China. Simanovich Andrey, the expert of faculty of management of the sports and tourist industry THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ACADEMY NATIONAL ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICE AT PRESIDENT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, ACADEMY AT PRESIDENT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, RANEPA, FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "ROSSIYSKAYA ACADEMY NARODNOGO ECONOMY I GOSUDARSTVENNOY SLUZHBY PRI PREZIDENTE ROSSIYSKOY FEDERATSII", specially for magazine "Forbes" analyzes Sport that there is "Our purpose — to begin fight for 2020 Summer Olympics in 2036" — the President Poland Andrzej Duda made such application for press conferences as II...