61 facts which you did not know about "Friends"

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Phebe was afraid of a duck. Ducks! 1 . Elizabeth Valerie Kudrou-Stern was afraid of a duck. 2 . When show was for the first time written, was planned that Joey and Monica will be beloved. 3 . On the average, five hours were required to remove an episode of "Friends". 4 . The big white dog Joey and Chendlera actually belonged Jennifer Joanna Aniston. The friend presented it it on good luck when show started. 5 . Three actors of a postscoring from "Simpsonov" appeared as guests in "Friends": Dan Kastellaneta (Homer), Khenk Azariya (to Mo / Ap, etc.) and Gary Dzhulius Shirer (Mr. Burns / Smiters, etc.). 6 . Show originally was called "Cafes Sleeplessness". It was...