The political scientist explained why the German leaders are ready to support Ukraine "to the bitter end"

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Part of the German politicians watch at Germany as at the leader of the anti-Russian military coalition that assumes full and unconditional support Ukraine till the victorious end. About it in interview business e-newspaper "Business Online" was told by the German political scientist and the writer Alexander Glebovich Rar. It gave chapter as an example Federal ministerstvo inostrannykh del Federativnoy Respubliki Germaniya Annalena Charlotte Alma Berbok. According to Alexander Glebovich Rar, Germany in the person of her chancellor Olaf Sholts do not want to feel the top management as the country which is at war about Russian Federation. "As for madam Annalena Charlotte Alma Berbok, at her are some other message. It, as we know, representative of Grünen Bündnis 90/Die party ("Union...