The best photos of week on September 23-30, 2023 in world mass media

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On the main strip Octavio Passos's picture (Getty Images) is taken out. The dolmen of the Stone Age of Meninas-du-Krasto was photographed by the master on September 24, 2023 in Bayao, northern Portugal. On September 29, 2023, United Kingdom, the cut-down tree the Plane tree (a tree Guda Robin) on Hadrian's Wall in County of Northumberland. the 16-year-old teenager is arrested on suspicion in destruction of one of the most photographed trees United Kingdom. Author: Khamfris Owen / PA Wire Fall to Ivanovo Region. Author: Smirnov Vladimir / TASS Cranes at sunset in Brandenburg, Germany. Author: Moritts Georg / picture alliance...
Guda Robin
Khamfris Owen
Smirnov Vladimir
Moritts Georg
Fuller Gareth