The reason of powerful explosion in Tashkent became a lightning stroke — Ministries of Internal Affairs

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Tashkent, on September 28, 2023, 04:22 — information agency "REGNUM". In Ministry internal affairs of Republic of Uzbekistan established that the reason of powerful explosion and a fire in Tashkent became a lightning stroke on warehouse where electric cars and accessories for them were stored. Explosion the Fire happened in warehouse, belonging LLC "Inter Logistika", located on Kipchak Street of the Sergeliysky area. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations disproved hearings that explosion and a fire resulted from plane crash. "It is an absolute lie" — assured of the press service of Ministry on emergency situations of Republic of Uzbekistan. As reported information agency "REGNUM", explosion and the fire which has followed it happened in the Sergeliysky area...