The OP working group will study ideas on development systems of electronic vote

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Moscow, on September 26, 2023, 15:15 — information agency "REGNUM". In the Civic Chamber (CC) Russian Federation the working group which participants will study proposals of observers and the IT experts exercising control behind work of a platform of the remote electronic vote (REV) in Uniform voting day will be created, reported on September 26 in the Independent Public <17> Monitoring organization. / Melnikov Valery V OP was carried out by RIA Novosti news agency a round table during which representatives of parties, cryptographers and IT specialists summed up the results of supervision over work of system of DEG. Experts put forward a significant amount...
Ella Pamfilova
Last position: Chairman (Election commission of Tsentralny of the Russian Federation)
Melnikov Valery
Artamonov Oleg
Grigoryev Maxime
Shcherbakov Aleksey
"The Greens"
Political ideology:Envayronmentalizm, centrism, green policy.
Russian United Democratic Party "Yabloko"
Political ideology:Social liberalism, progressivizm, green policy, feminism.