Konkov Sergei: transition to SKA can favorably affect career Nikita Serebryakov

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The double owner of the Cup Gagarinasergey Konkovv to conversation with korrespondentomAllHockey.Ru Utkin Wladyslaw commented on information on a possible exchange vrataryanikity Nikita Serebryakov from "Admiral" in SKA. "I believe that prerequisites were even in the spring when Nikita Serebryakov well proved in a playoffs. The award to the best goalkeeper of a season was handed over to it with an ulterior motive. Especially as the trainer of goalkeepers Klyuchnikov Youri with whom Nikita Serebryakov worked in "Admiral", passed into SKA. Another thing is that it is important to "Admiral" to keep the player that it helped command to achieve progress further. Affairs at them go not the best...
Nikita Serebryakov
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Konkov Sergei
Utkin Wladyslaw
Klyuchnikov Youri