Cool competitor of Tank 300 and Haval H9. The frame diesel BAIC BJ60 SUV is presented: 7 places, 8-staged "machine gun", more than 1500 km on one tank and lifelong free THAT
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In China the official premiere of the frame BAIC BJ60 SUV took place. It has two versions which differ only equipment, the price – 36 and 37 thousand dollars. The great attention is riveted on a novelty in China, as by BAIC BJ60 – one of rare cars in the class with the diesel motor. Thus formally BAIC BJ60 is a hybrid. Hybrid "soft" – in system established a 48-volt starter generator. But on it engineers did not stop: they added system of recovery of energy which allows to cut an expense on 0,5 l on 100 km. About real fuel consumption it is reported nothing, but...
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