The former racer of "Series W" Khoukins Jessica supported "Aston Martin" on the F-1 tests to Hungary
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Ambassador of "Aston Martin" Khokins Jessica carried out tests on a race car of 2021. Khokins Jessica, earlier acting in "Series W", became the first woman for the last, "Formula One". The previous experience was at Kalderon Tatyana – which spent film-making day at a race car wheel "Zauber" C37 to Mexico in 2018. Tests Khokins Jessica passed to Hungary on the autodrome of "Hungaroring" last week. Khokins Jessica was necessary to postpone the beginning of tests a little because of a rain but when the route dried up, it was succeeded to pass three enough long a piece...
Khoukins Jessica
Khokins Jessica
Kalderon Tatyana