Nikita Zadorov began a mass fight in a match with "Seattle", having interceded for the partner

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In Calgary the next early match in the run-up to the championship 2023/2024 where the team" Hockey club "Kalgari Fleymz"" met with" Seattle the Kraken" came to the end and lost with the score 3:5. In the end of the first period the forward of "Seattle" Marian Studenich rigidly played against the forward of "sparks" Pelletye Dzheykob. The hockey player of "Calgary" drove in others zone and started braking. At this moment Studenich crashed into Pelletye Dzheykob which departed the head to a board. The Russian defender "Fleymz" Nikita Zadorov stood up for the partner, having snatched on the forward of "Seattle" and having begun mass fight. Pelletye Dzheykob for a long time could not...