"If game was on the personal computer, it would be live": CCP recognizes that to do Dust 514 by an exclusive of PS3 was a mistake

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On EVE Fanfest PC Gamer had an opportunity to communicate to the game director of EVE Online Snorri Arnason (Snorri Árnason) who told about how game in the last years developed and where it moves. But if to speak about large announcements, the main event Fanfesta for many admirers of EVE became not main game, and return of CCP to FPS with EVE Vanguard - a PvPvE-shooter which is connected with EVE Online and is the successor of unsuccessful Dust 514 of 2013. Arnason very much loves Dust 514: in spite of the fact that it already worked in CCP, this game became its road in EVE. I began...