Igor Osinkin waits for result from Pisarsky in RPL

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The head coach of "Krylja Sovetov" Igor Osinkin spoke Vladimir Aleksandrovich Sychevoy. In a season 2023/24 forward played in five matches of RPL and the Cup Russian Federation in which it was noted by one goal. After the scored goal in a match 4‑go round of a group stage of the Way of RPL of the Cup Russian Federation (2:1 in favor of residents of Samara), Pisarsky fell on knees and shut the face with the hands. "We very much hope and we wait for that productivity that was in "Orenburg" from Pisarsky. Now in team on this position the big competition. But from it the club has to win only, and each football player has to add only", – Igor Osinkin told in...