Paul Malinyadzhi: Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik and Chzhileyu should fight to England

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The former world champion in two weight categories, and nowadays the commentator and the analyst, the American Paul Malinyadzhi considers that the owner of titles of World boxing association, IBF and World boxing institution in a superheavy division the Ukrainian Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik could battle to the Chinese Zhang Chzhileem. "People will tell that Zhilei has to fight with Fyyuri, after all he received a name to England thanks to two victories over Joyce Joe. And I agree with it. But I do not think that Fyyuri will agree. Probably, you will see Fyyuri's fight and Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik, but I even do not know, whether there will be it now because Fyyuri earns more, knocking out the written-off people from MMA. If Fyyuri is...