In MINISTRY OF FINANCE predicted growth of receipts of taxes for 14% next year

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The draft of the budget growth of the income by 22% in 2024 the Plan for transfers of the income in budget for Federal Tax Service (FTS) in 2024 is established 14% above, than this year. About it reported to the deputy minister of finance Aleksey Sazanov during performance at FTS expanded board meeting. "The decision not to raise the main taxes is made, the main emphasis will be put on administration", – marked out Aleksey Sazanov. According to him, growth by 14% is "very ambitious purpose". In 2024 growth of the income federal budgets in nominal terms from 28,6 trillion rub in 2023 to 35 trillion is predicted...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Aleksey Sazanov
Last position: The secretary of state - the deputy minister (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation)
Daniil Yegorov
Last position: Head (Federal Tax Service)
Roman Artyukhin
Last position: Head (Federal Treasury)
Gordeev Andrey