Nelson Johnny: "Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik will steer clear from Deontey Leshun Wilder"

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The British boxing analyst and the ex-champion of World boxing institution in kruzerveyte Nelson Johnny (45-12) is sure that the champion of World boxing association, IBF and World boxing institution in a super heavyweight Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik (21-0) does not come for fight with the ex-champion of WBC in a super heavyweight Deontey Leshun Wilder (43-2). "The short mustache team Alexander Aleksandrovich Usik will hold it far away from Deontey Leshun Wilder. Let it even on 10 kilometers ahead in respect of talent and skills, it is too dangerous to be substituted under someone's shock power when you need to try to deceive the rival and to approach. So you will avoid Deontey Leshun Wilder so diligent as far as it is possible. Even if in...