To laugh or reflect? Winners of the Shnobelevsky award received on 10 trillion dollars

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Celebration of winners of the 33rd Shnobelevsky award which included ten nominations took place. So, in the field of chemistry and geology the award was got by the Polish scientist Jan Zalasiewicz for an explanation, "why many scientists like to lick stones". Ten Shnobelevsky awards are handed over at the beginning of October unlike prestigious Nobel which winners will be declared one month later, "for the achievements forcing at first to laugh, and then to reflect" (English — first make people laugh, and then make them think). The award was founded in 1991 by Abrakhams Mark and the comic magazine "The annals of the improbable...
Abrakhams Mark
Subbotin Andrey
Harvard university
Main activity:Science and education
Main activity:Science and education