The governor Aleksandr Bogomaz congratulated residents of Bryansk on Day of the mechanician

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To Russian Federation today, on September 24, Day of the mechanician is celebrated. The first Governor of the Bryansk region Aleksandr Bogomaz. It joined the chairman of Oblduma Valentine Subbot and the chief federal inspector of area Andrey Dyachuk. They noted that the machine-building complex is a reliable support of economy Bryansk Region which always was famous for the enterprises with rich history and strong labor dynasties. Achievements in this branch in many respects defined dynamic social and economic development the region and all country. As it is told in...
Aleksandr Bogomaz
Last position: Governor (Government of the Bryansk region)
Valentine Subbot
Main activity:Politician
Andrey Dyachuk
Last position: Chief federal Bryansk region inspector (Office of the President'S Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District)