Artem Alekseevich Zdunov got under sanctions Canada

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Canada entered sanctions concerning 42 citizens Russian Federation and 21 Russian organization. The updated sanctions list published Ministry foreign affairs and international trade Canada. Artem Alekseevich Zdunov is blacklisted chapter of Republic of Mordovia. The native Kazan Artem Alekseevich Zdunov since October 2014 till February, 2018 was the Minister of Economics Republic of Tatarstan. Then headed Government of the Republic of Dagestan and held a post of the prime minister till November, 2020. In September of the 2021st won elections of chapter of Republic of Mordovia, having collected 78,26% of votes. Under the Canadian sanctions the Valdai club, Russian geographical association, "Yunarmiya", "Molodaya Gvardiya Yedinoy Russia", "Movement of the first", national got...
Anton Kotyakov
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation)
Artyom Alekseevich Zdunov
Main activity:Politician
Eugenie Aleksandrovich Primakov
Last position: Head (Federal agency for Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots living abroad and on International humanitarian cooperation)
Anatoly Torkunov
Last position: Rector (MGIMO University)