Intel fined on $400 million for violations of 20-year prescription

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Intel COR wrote out a penalty of 376 million euros (about $400 million) on antimonopoly business. Corporation found guilty of actions for 2002-2006. Initially case was opened in 2009, then the General court Luxembourg appointed a penalty in 1,06 billion euro. However in 2022 of Intel it was succeeded to achieve penalty cancellation. In 2023 business resumed. The antimonopoly commission EU recognized that in 2002-2006 of Intel used the position in the market to force out other companies. As it appeared, Intel paid Hewlett-Packard Co., Lenovo and Acer Inc. for a stop of development to production...
HP Inc
Main activity:Production of cars, equipment and vehicles
Acer Inc
Main activity:Communication and IT
Main activity:Communication and IT