Yegor Ilyich Titov explained why Youri Zhirkov is stronger Oleg Ryabchuk

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The former captain and the trainer of "Spartak" Yegor Ilyich Titov spoke skill of the former defender combined Russian Federation and Football club "Chelsi" Youri Zhirkov. He explained the words that Youri Zhirkov is stronger than the present football player of "Spartak" Oleg Ryabchuk. "You, probably, saw a match of memory of Tsymbalar. Where skill Youri Zhirkov got to? Anywhere. I do not want to tell that Oleg Ryabchuk – the bad football player. I told it because Youri Zhirkov once again confirmed that he is the cool player, not for nothing he played for "Chelsea" in UEFA Champions League. He in the 35–36 years played in "Zenith"! Everything confirms it. If you think that today's Oleg Ryabchuk...