The political scientist explained words Sergey Lavrov about acceptance of nazis in EU out of turn

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The political scientist Sergei Aleksandrovich Markov commented to daily social and political business newspaper "Izvestiya" on the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov about expansion EU. The Russian minister told earlier that the head of European diplomacy Zhozep Borrel Fontelyes suggests to accept in ranks of EU Ukraine out of turn, and Serbia and Turkey have to wait decades. " Serbia, Turkey and other will wait, and here nazis we accept in ranks EU out of turn", – noted Sergey Lavrov. By words Sergei Aleksandrovich Markov, chapter Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation very precisely commented on a situation. "The mode in Ukraine, undoubtedly, is neo-Nazi. Certificates of it of one thousand. Only the full liar can...