Shapovalova Helena "Merovingi and Carlovingians"

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On September 19 public lecture of associate professor Centre of studying of religions of RGGU ROSSIYSKY GOSUDARSTVENNY INSTITUTE OF HUMANITIES Shapovalova Helena "Merovingi and Carlovingians" took place. Talked how to become the king and what to do if you have many relatives, each of which is eager to occupy your throne. Discussed Hlodviga and history with a suassonsky bowl, circumstances of its baptism in Reims and all those miracles which were attributed to this event subsequently. The dynasty of Carlovingians is connected with names Martell Carl, Pipin Korotky, Veliky Carl, and the concept "Carolingian Renaissance". Dealt with artful designs of intrigues mayordomov...
Shapovalova Helena
Martell Carl
Veliky Carl