Karrera told who from the Russian experts could work to Italy

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The former head coach Karrer Massimo told JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA". "I think, those trainers who were present on a match of memory of Tsymbalar (Cherchesov Stanislas, Youri Pavlovich Semin, Oleg Ivanovich Romantsev. — comment. "sports Day after day"), precisely could work there. They are legends of the Russian soccer. Except them Sergei Bogdanovich Semak — the worthy trainer. Valery Karpin. They could work to Italy and count there on success", - daily social and political business newspaper "Izvestiya" quote Karrera. Sergei Bogdanovich Semak heads "Zenith" since 2018. In five years in club the 47-year-old expert five times...