"Would be on its place, would arrive differently". Lillard Demyen — about the career decision Kevin Wayne Dyurant in NBA

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Star playing "Basketball club "Portlend Treyl Bleyzers‎"" Lillard Demyen shared opinion on transition in 2016 of the easy forward Basketball club "Finiks Sanz" Kevin Wayne Dyurant in Basketball club "Golden State Uorriorz". By words Lillard Demyen, on a place Kevin Wayne Dyurant it would arrive differently. "If I was on its place, would arrive differently. It went to team to which before lost. Everyone solves itself, but I so would not do" — Lillard Demyen on air told It to Is What of It Is. Kevin Wayne Dyurant were left by "Golden Steyt" in 2019, having gone in Basketball club "Bruklin Nets". In February, 2023 Kevin Wayne Dyurant was exchanged from "Brooklyn" in Basketball club "Finiks Sanz" on Bridzhes Mikal, Johnson Kem...