Herman Tkachenko: Spertsyan's transition to "Ajax" broke for the political reasons

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The known football agent Herman Tkachenko explained why the transfer of the halfback of "Krasnodar" Edouard Mkrtychevich Spertsyan in "Ajax" did not take place. "Why Spertsyan still in "Krasnodar"? Because "Krasnodar" did not want it to sell. To make comments to the intermediary of figure in negotiations between clubs when clubs are silent, not really adequately. I will tell only one: at the moment when "Ajax" contacted "Krasnodar" and declared the official interest, sale Spertsyana was impossible. It was the hard line of "Krasnodar". It in general never was a question of money. If a question of money, clubs agree. And still...
Edouard Mkrtychevich Spertsyan
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (LLC "FOOTBALL CLUB "KRASNODAR")
Herman Tkachenko
Last position: The president of the Russian representation of management company in the organization of sporting events of "ProSports Management" (LLC "ProSports Management")