The Film mistake in a scene of a pursuit found in the movie "Caucasian Captive"

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Photo: Sandurskaya Sofya / Agency city news "Moscow" In the movie of the director Leonid Iovich Gayday "The Caucasian captive, or Shurik's New adventures" which came out in April, 1967, the audience found a film mistake. So, in a scene of a pursuit of the main characters the hat on one of characters "leads the life". In one of shots the hero of the actor Akhmetov Ruslan (on a movie plot the friend Shurika by the name of Edik) appears in a hat of the nurse. Then to it in a forehead the cucumber because of what the headdress moves down on one side arrives. But in the following shot it is not warped not. And in a scene when Shurik and Edik take off from the vehicle, a hat...