Performance Sergey Lavrov on ambassadorial "a round table" on scope of settlement of a situation around Ukraine

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Your Excellencies, Dear colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen Thank you that responded to our invitation and agreed to take part in "a round table" on a role of various humanitarian, intermediary initiatives. Them much for the last one and a half years it was put forward. All concern a situation in Ukraine. I do not doubt that you well understand that...
Sergey Lavrov
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
Last position: President of Ukraine (President of Ukraine)
Dmitry Ivanovich Kuleba
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)
Kirill Alekseevich Budanov
Last position: Chief (Head department investigations ministry defenses of Ukraine)