Whether can take away SHAMANa in army or send to zone SVO

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The second week in social networks Milokhin Dani roughly discuss the conflict of the blogger with chapter of ASSOCIATION "LIGA BEZOPASNOGO INTERNETA" Catherina Mizulina. On September 9 the tiktoker returned to Moscow from Dubai with the statement that is ready "to give Russian Federation the second chance", but the obshchestvennitsa immediately threatened the guy with conscription. In the same evening Milokhin Dani departed from the country. The notorious affair caused questions and fans of the singer have SHAMANa – much interestingly, whether can send to military service of the actor. LLC "FederalPress" found out, whether the musician under criteria of an appeal approaches and in what situation it can call. Than was engaged Jaroslaw Dronov in the draft...