The ruble looks for fair value

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Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia) since September 14 increases sale currencies. Till September 22 daily on the market yuans approximately on 20 billion rubles — in 10 will arrive times more, than Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia) sold earlier. On this background the Russian currency can become stronger considerably, interlocutors radio station "Kommersant-FM" note. Chapter of Public joint-stock company "Sberbank Russia" Herman Gref, for example, called fair for dollar the range of 80-85 rub. As far as it is an achievable indicator? And whether to wait for stabilization? Khorushevsky Yvan understood. Photo: Nekrasov Wladyslaw, At East economic forum officials told Kommersant about prospects of strengthening of national currency much. But costed...
Herman Gref
Last position: President, Chairman of the board (PJSC Sberbank of Russia)
Valery Aleksandrovich Vaysberg
Last position: Director of analysis department (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "IK REGION")
Eugenie Mironyuk
Last position: Stock market expert (LLC "Company BKS")
Khorushevsky Yvan
Nekrasov Wladyslaw