In zone SVO the leader of the movement "Ultras Sumy" Babak Alexander] is liquidate

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Moscow, on September 12 - Argumenty i fakty. In fights in the territory Luhansk People's Republic the Russian fighters liquidated the head of the movement "Ultras Sumy" Babak Alexander, reports Telegram "TV channel "RT"". It is known that he was killed near Kreminna. Earlier Babak Alexander consisted in terrorist group "Right Sector" Party *, was at war in special forces of "Bravo" as a part of National guard Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that at special operation the American mercenary Governorate of Jericho Magallon was destroyed. It is known that it was a part of participants of fight near Petropavlovkaya in Kharkiv Region. Let's remind also...
Dimitri Yarosh
Last position: The adviser to the chief of the General Staff — the Commander-in-chief of Armed forces of Ukraine
Babak Alexander
Grigoryev Dimitri
Orlov Andrey
Ilnitsky Sergei