DEG prevented cutting down of 650 trees, declared in "Russian ecologica party "The Greens"

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DEG prevented cutting down of 650 trees, the Citizens who have given the vote on elections through system of remote electronic vote declared in "Russian ecologica party "The Greens", more than 4000 tons of greenhouse gases and an expenditure of 153 thousand liters of fresh water prevented cutting down of 650 trees, emission. About it told in "Russian ecologica party "The Greens". According to the chairman of the party Andrey Nikolaevich Nagibin, data on greenhouse gases consisted of economy of paper, decrease in movement of people (for example, those who comes back from dachas for the sake of elections), lack of need for transportation bulletins and so on...
Ella Pamfilova
Last position: Chairman (Election commission of Tsentralny of the Russian Federation)
Andrey Nikolaevich Nagibin
Last position: Executive director (LLC "Zeleny patrul"; "Zeleny patrul")
Kudzagova Alexander
Konstantinov Matvey
"The Greens"
Political ideology:Envayronmentalizm, centrism, green policy.