Sakha (Yakutia) Republic: road between Yakutsk and Khangalassky ulus] is repaire

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To Sakha (Yakutia) Republic thanks to the national project "Safe Qualitative Are Expensive" led to standards a site of the route "Umnas" connecting valleys Tuymaada and Erkeeni on the average a watercourse of Lena. Works took place on a site with 28 on 35 km, the extent of object made 7,2 km. Besides an asphalt concrete covering replacement of water throughput pipes here is executed, road signs are established, barrier protection is replaced, the road marking is put. Cost of works ― more than 298 million rubles. The festive event on the occasion of opening of a site took place on border Khangalassky ulus and Yakutsk. In it...
Dmitry Sadovnikov
Main activity:Politician
Vladimir Mikhaylovich Sivtsev
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Transport and Road System of the Sakha Republic)
Irineev Oleg
Filippov Semen
Administration office highways
"Orto Doydu"