The ex-participating refused to visit "Tender May" a monument to Youri Shatunov

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The ex-participating of "Tender May" Andrey Aleksandrovich Gurov did not go to opening of a monument to the singer Youri Shatunov. Andrey Aleksandrovich Gurov declared that nobody invited him. However, specifies Argumenty i fakty, the musician did not plan to visit monument opening even after the official invitation. "I want that in my memory of Rods remained live" — he declared to the newspaper. Andrey Aleksandrovich Gurov designated Youri Shatunov "dear boy" who supported him always. We remind that Youri Shatunov died in June of last year. He was 48 years old. The critic Sergei Sosedov, estimating music "Tender May", noted that the songs sung by group, were always clear to people...