The economist estimated, what loss will be caused to economy by Russian Federation death "Turetsky potok"

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Moscow, on September 8, 2023, 19:06 — information agency "REGNUM". If on gas pipelines "Turetsky potok" and "Blue Stream" there are the diversions similar to that were made on "Severny potok", it will not pass completely neither for the Russian economy, nor for the relations Ankara with the West, the expert considers LLC "FNEB", the research associate Finance university, Financial university Stanislas Pavlovich Mitrakhovich. He declared it on September 8 to the correspondent of information agency "REGNUM". Shilov Yvan information agency "REGNUM" chapter Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov declared Earlier that pipelines "Turetsky potok" and "Blue Stream"...