To Brazil victims of an ekstratropichesky cyclone became 22 persons

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Brasília, on September 6, 2023, 05:33 — information agency "REGNUM". At least 22 persons became victims of the ekstratropichesky cyclone which has fallen upon the southern regions Brazil. About it on September 5 reported with reference to local authorities edition "O Globo". Shilov Yvan information agency "REGNUM" Brazil In staff Riu-Grandi-du-Eduardo Sul was lost from a brunt of the disaster 21 persons, one more was lost in the next State of Santa Catarina. Among victims of a cyclone there was the rescuer who was lost at execution of an office debt. The governor Riu-Grandi-du-Eduardo Sul Leite specified that because of a cyclone about 60 cities suffered, homeless there were 1650 people. By data...