Business to Russian Federation and credit to the husband: why resignations demand the prime minister Estonia

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The supporter of full isolation Russian Federation with reputation ardent rusofobki itself appeared the victim of the anti-Russian mainstream. © Video: all-Russia state broadcasting TV channel "Zvezda" © Photo: MAGO Paulius Peleckis Globallookpress To Estonia with a new force inflames scandal over the prime minister Kaya Kallas. Earlier it became known that her spouse partially owns the transport company who continued to do business to Russian Federation. Business was commented by the president of the country. Alar Karis recommended to the official to resign . "It is annoying incident. I would not like to put itself to the place of the prime minister, but, nevertheless, I would react...
Kaya Kallas
Last position: Prime minister (Government of the Republic Estonsk)
Rustem Umerov
Last position: People's Deputy (The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)
Andrey Starikov
Last position: Head (Administration of the urban settlement Oktyabrsky workers settlement of the Oktyabrsky municipal district of the Volgograd region)
Алексей Юрьевич Резников
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Defense of Ukraine )