In Bryansk opened a memorial board to the lost participant of SVO Cherkasov Vadim

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In the REU Bryansk branch the opening ceremony of a memorial plate in honor of Cherkasov Vadim took place on September 5. The man studied in higher education institution in "Customs affairs". He was killed in battle with the Ukrainian saboteurs in Suzemka district. Meeting began with introduction of national flag Russian Federation. The chief federal inspector Andrey Dyachuk noted that "Cherkasov Vadim brought in a moneybox of our victory the most expensive — the life". It is reported that to opening of a memorial board from Moscow there arrived the vice rector of REU, the candidate of philosophical sciences Nikulin Aleksey. He also noted a feat Cherkasov Vadim and that the man "became the present...
Andrey Dyachuk
Last position: Chief federal Bryansk region inspector (Office of the President'S Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District)
Nikulin Aleksey
Cherkasov Vadim