"Arrow" in a pursuit of the leader in Monino

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The 4th round of the PARI Championship Russian Federation will proceed in Monino where "VVA-Moscow area" on the home field will accept Kazan "Arrow". Both teams carried out on two matches in tournament. "Arrow" passed last round after two enchanting victories on season start. Let's remind, 7 attempts were brought by Shevtsov Maxime in these games, but in his Monino will not be – Shevtsov Maxime are not present even in the demand. "VVA-Moscow area" started from a difficult victory in Novokuznetsk 36:33. Then wards Alexander Voytov in the rain conceded to "Yenisei-STM" and located on not absolutely pleasant seventh place. Certainly, ambitions of team are higher, but ahead again game...