Gary Edward Keyn hammered a debut ball for "Bavaria" and helped to crush "Werder"

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Bremen, Germany, on August 19, 2023, 01:42 — information agency "REGNUM". The Munich "Bavaria" in Bremen crushed local "Werder" in a soccer match of the first round of Soccer championship of Germany (Bundesliga). Debut goal Gary Edward Keyn and a double Leroy Aziz Sane brought to the glorified club a significant victory. the Soccerball Game took place on August 18 at stadium "Vezershtadion". The match came to the end with the score 4:0 in favor of "Bavaria". For 30‑letnego the captain combined England the Englishman Gary Edward Keyn it was the first goal for "Bavaria". The account Leraya Alexandra from transfer opened on the 4th minute Gary Edward Keyn. On the 75th minute the Englishman hammered the ball into gate...