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100 years since the birth of the remarkable ballerina Zaytuna Nasretdinova On a scene many were executed became stars. But not everyone was fated to find forces to keep devotion of the chosen profession, to the principles of life. The national actress of the USSR, the first Bashkir ballerina Zaytuna Nasretdinova was faithful to the ballet seventy four years. In 2008 the prestigious Festival Gold Mask in the nomination "Honour and Advantage" was handed over to it, and it filled up the list of star nominees which was opened by the well-known Galina Ulanova. Theatre was the house Zaytuna Nasretdinova, she did not pass any...
Sergei Sinenko
Last position: Chief (Academy administration office Ministry OF Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation)
Nuriev Rudolph
BGTO and B Gbuki RB
Main activity:Culture and sports
Sverdlovskaya kinostudiya
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