The dollar rate at PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY MOSKOVSKY EXCHANGE exceeded ₽100 for the first time since March, 2022

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Dollar growth to ruble exceeded 9% since the beginning of August and 40% — since the beginning of year. The factor of the risen in price oil can give to national currency support, however it will be shown not at once, experts of the Photo speak: "daily business newspaper "RBK daily" Investments" the Dollar rate grew by 0,68%, having risen to ₽100,11, data of PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY MOSKOVSKY EXCHANGE as of 09:09 testify Moscow time. Marks ₽100 the dollar did not trade since March 23, 2022 above. The euro exchange rate added 0,66%, to ₽109,5. Since the beginning of August the dollar rose in price more than on ₽8 in absolute expression — on July 31 the currency auctions were closed on a mark ₽91,6025. Historical maximum in couple...
Dmitry Babin
Last position: Stock market expert (LLC "BKS BROKER")
Valery Aleksandrovich Vaysberg
Last position: Director of analysis department (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "IK REGION")
Aleksey Borisovich Zabotkin
Last position: Board member (Bank of Russia)
Kochetkov Andrey
Linchik Eugenie
Bank of Russia
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