Overhauls of schools and recreation center, improvement of parks and yards, construction kindergartens: "United Russia" Party carries out monitoring sotsobjektov

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In Nyandoma Arkhangelsk Region chapter Ministry of Education Oleg Rusinov and the head of the district Kononov Alexander discussed possibility of constructions the sports hall at special correctional boarding school. Also in the city passed meeting on overhaul of the regional center of additional education. On this object a date of completion of works - October. In Stupino Moscow Region the secretary of local office "United Russia" Party, the head gorokruga Muzhalskikh Sergei visited a kindergarten No. 21 "Hope" where overhaul comes to the end. "During reconstruction internal arrangement and external registration of buildings is completely changed. Works go in...
Wladyslaw Khadzhiev
Last position: Chairman of regional council (SAKY CITY RAYONNY SOVET)
Alexander Kogan
Last position: The adviser to the governor in the rank of the minister (Government of the Moscow region)
Tamara Frolova
Last position: The deputy, the Member of the committee on health protection (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Mikhail Ivanovich Sylka
Last position: Head (Administration of the municipal district Volokolamsk of the Moscow region)